Recharge 5KG

Recharge 5KG

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❶ 100% natural RECHARGE contains no antibiotics. No prescriptions needed. Presents no danger, even in case of overdose, and it can be given right from the first days after birth.

❷ Rapidly effective: the effects of RECHARGE are visible after several hours. The product is good for the epithelial cells, it also rehydrates

❸ Rehydrating and Nourishing: far more than other market competitors, RECHARGE nourishes animals as a real feed: it contains sugars, proteins (11.4%) and even easily assimilated fats (6%). Farmers using the product have observed that the animal does not loose weight during the administration of RECHARGE.

❹ Complete food: RECHARGE is one of the very few powdered meal products to bring both vitamins and trace elements.

❺ Appetising: RECHARGE is extremely appetising; even a sick animal manages to digest it easily. His appetite for the product makes it much easier to give to nursing calves than other substances.

❻ Soluble: RECHARGE dissolves perfectly in both water and milk.

❼ Ensures good digestion: used in small quantity, it a good digestion of milk. 25g per feed for dairy calves. For Suckler herds it is the most practical solution: 50g once a day in 250ml warm water minimum.

❾ Ideal for a smooth passage from colostrum to milk or milk powder. One or two pure meals lead to the re hydration of the animal and ensures good digestion of milk.

❿ Suckler calves: RECHARGE can be given to suckler caves with a syringe (in less water, thus much more concentrated) if the calf is still suckling. No danger.

⓫ Ensures the right start for new batches of calves: to start herds of calves coming from different farms,

⓬ Economic and practical: sealed in an air-tight container of 3kgs & 5kgs